52 Empowerment Tips
-A year’s worth of growth in bite-sized pieces-

"Finally, the perfect guide for your journey to personal fulfillment!"

This special book takes you by the hand and gives you a simple and specific focus every week to guarantee 365% Transformation...

You’ll Get:
  • 365% Growth: What if you stopped banging your head against a wall, trying to change everything overnight and instead focused on growing just 1% each day? Imagine how different your life will be a week, month and year from now. This simple guide shows you how.
  • No More Guessing: Take the guesswork out of your personal development - simply read and use the "Empowerment Tip" each week and your life WILL change guaranteed! These principles have worked for decades ... and aren't going to change anytime soon.
  • 3 Crucial Elements you MUST use that plugs you into your your personal power and increases the speed of your postive manifesting.
  • Snowball Effect: Your positive transformation gains a self propelling momentum when you know the simple and specific focus to have for each week.
  • Anti-Venom to Overwhelm: Remove the struggle of "trying to be perfect" and  increase your joy, passion and connection to life.
  • Don't leave your dreams to chance. Align your body, mind, emotions and spirit with your highest desires and "Go Big" by taking 1 specific, powerful step at a time.
  • Proven steps for abundance and happiness that end the reign of procrastination over your life.
  • 30 Days Risk Free: Love it or get your money back - it can't be any easier than that.

  • I can already see changes and miracles happening! Thanks Kristen! You're exceptional!”

  • GRATITUDE, gratitude gratitude to you for this mind blowing and eye opening literature indeed this is a wealth of knowledge.”

  • You have a way of connecting to my heart and I can follow the knowledge you are sharing as you relate them to simple everyday life situations.”

  • Thank you Kristen! Just your words have helped wake me up to LIVE AND WIN.”

  • You are a brilliant teacher and your succinct message unlocked many blocks. I am amazed at how much happier I feel, and the huge jump in my energy.”

About the Author

Kristen Howe is known as the ‘Go Big Coach'. Her teaching combines Universal Laws with Success Strategies and she has personally used every tip and strategy she teaches to take her life from desperation to inspiration.

Her mission is to help YOU live your most extraordinary life one bite-sized piece at a time!

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